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Who’s behind this World of Good?

Independently produced between London and Barcelona, TOPIA is created in collaboration with a vibrant ecosystem of storytellers and adventurers from Argentina to Zimbabwe


Lisa Goldapple

Goldapple is the creative brain behind the world of TOPIA. The magazine’s Editor-in-chief has been creating shows for MTV, BBC, Vice, TVNZ, National Geographic and more since the noughties. Then created social good platform, Atlas of the Future. Today her desk faces the trippy side of Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, which might explain a few things. To understand how TOPIA came out of this rare brain, read ‘Mind Blown’. As she puts it: “If life splinters and you hallucinate triangles, make a kaleidoscope.”

Open to freelance collaborations: Email | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram


George Smart

TOPIA is self-funded by George, who is responsible for overseeing its operations and business strategy. George met Goldapple at MTV back in the day, when working in events. She was in production, and bothered him for free Björk CDs daily. Their meetings were in Camden Town’s Hawley Arms before it burned down. In 2021, they reconnected and he convinced her to create a magazine from scratch. She designed something unusual to set imaginations on fire.


Gabriella Lanni

Gabriella is an accomplished designer and art director who reignites the stagnant and pushes collaborators to challenge the status quo. She loves working on the truly compelling stories in TOPIA because it teaches her new things about the world, giving her knowledge she didn’t know she was missing. “I never knew that beavers could talk – for a start!”


Jack Ballard

This moustache twirler has a hugely diverse approach to all things visual. Whether it’s creating traditional typography or a cosmic donkey collage, Jack is happiest when he’s challenging aesthetic preconceptions, or watching anime. He thinks everyone should get out of their comfort zone: “Try something new. Who doesn’t love beautiful animation that takes you to worlds you could only dream of, accompanied by a kickass soundtrack? It’s better than most crap that’s on TV!” He’s not wrong.


Georgie Baker

With over 20 years of experience in international music and culture, Georgie has been behind the promotional campaigns for some of the world’s best-known artists. She loves to find her peace in the ocean, discovering life she never knew existed: “You have to force yourself to stay calm and control your breathing.” A skill that is surely a prerequisite for living in a topsy turvy world.

TOPIA is small, indie and made with love. Want to partner with us?

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