RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars GIVE BACK

The queens perform to raise $100,000 for their favourite charities

“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

We’re gagged! We’re gooped! In the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 7, Ru surprised all of the queens with a load of dosh for charities close to their hearts – here’s who they chose

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is back for Season 7 to crown the Queen of all Queens. Last week saw the season’s penultimate episode of serve up a ludicrously high level of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent – and a huge cash prize twist that was to benefit eight well-deserving Black-led, queer and trans and mental health charities of their choice.

In Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, the cast of eight season-winning queens are all legends. Lip-syncing for their legacy and vying for the title are the sickening Trinity The Tuck, The Vivienne, Yvie Oddly, Shea Couleé, Monét X Change, Raja, Jinkx Monsoon and Jaida Essence Hall.

In the semi-final episode, it was time for the talent show – the snappily-titled ‘Drag Race Gives Back Variety Extravaganza’ – to determine which four queens will be competing in next week’s lipstick ‘Lollapalooza Smackdown’ for the crown. In addition to the customary cash tip of $10,000, the winner of this week’s lip sync would receive a $30,000 donation to the charity of her choice thanks to The Palette Fund.

The Palette Fund

A nonprofit foundation dedicated to advancing social change in communities that are under-resourced and facing significant challenges. 

But then Ru announced there was to be another twist: “Oh and one more thing,” he delighted. “This week’s challenge is worth three Legendary Legend stars. That means each of you still has a chance to make it to the top for lip sync for the crown.”

Their last chance to guarantee a place in the final, and be crowned Queen of all Queens, this episode was the stuff of Drag Race herstory. We’re talking pre-Covid levels of fog machines, epic costume changes, original tracks (inclusive even of opera), and an iconic Kylie lip sync to ‘Supernova’.

Spoiler Alert!

Condragulations to Shea Coulee who won a $30,000 donation for their charity choice, The Period Poverty Project. However, in another surprise, all of the charities chosen by the queens earned $10,000 each. So, let’s find out who each chose to perform for and why. 

Putting the hoe in hoedown

“There’s so many amazing things that Planned Parenthood does, not just reproductive, they deal with sex education, contraceptives, cervical cancer screening, and your mental health. We need more of it and I just don’t understand why certain demographics look at it like it’s a bad thing.

► Learn more about Planned Parenthood and follow Trinity the Tuck

‘Bitch On Heels!’ single out now

“Trans Lifeline is a trans charity, a helpline and they also offer financial support. To have an organisation there that knows how to understand what trans people go through is just so, so important.”

► Learn more about Trans Lifeline and follow The Vivienne

You better get your currency in check

Monét X Change performed for Color of Change

“Color of Change are for the radical ending of mistreatment of Black people through the prison industrial complex, at your job, whatever way they can do to impact systemic change.

► Learn more about Color of Change and follow Monét X Change

All hail the Pepto pink zoot suit

“The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is unfortunately near and dear to my heart. Some of my earliest childhood memories are watching my mom being abused, and growing up and wishing there was something I could do. And then taking some of that abuse to try and protect my mom as she couldn’t do it herself. I would like to do anything I can to help make sure that there are safe spaces for everyone in your house, in your life.

► Learn more about National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and follow Yvie Oddly

‘Your Name’ single out now

“So many young women miss school because they can’t afford the proper sanitary napkins and tampons. The ‘Period Poverty’ Project is aiming to destigmatise menstruation and make more products available.

► Learn more about The Period Poverty Project and follow Shea Couleé

Raja is the only AAPI winner (so far)

“I’ve chosen the National Center for Trans Equality as my charity. They advocate for the trans community and that really is a special place in my heart considering that I’ve learned drag mainly from trans women.

► Learn more about National Center for Trans Equality and follow Raja

New music video for Jinkx’s cover of Strange Magic’ is out soon

“Black Visions Collective is a Black-led, queer and trans organisation that works to dismantle the violence that Black, queer and trans people face in our country and in this world.

► Learn more about Black Visions Collective and follow Jinkx Monsoon

“The essence of beauty”

“I chose Free Black Therapy because in my family I have people who struggle with a lot of mental illness. And I think that if more people were able to communicate and talk with people about how they really feel about what they’re going through, they will be in a much better place.

► Learn more about Free Black Therapy and follow Jaida Essence Hall

Who will be crowned the queen of queens? Watch the finale on WOW and Paramount this Thursday.

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What’s so good about this?

From grassroots LGBT serving organisations across the United States to major healthcare institutions to international campaigns aimed at erasing stigma, The Palette Fund’s narrative is punctuated by a focus on finding the leaders, ideas and programs that make a real and lasting difference in the lives of those who have been – or at risk of being – marginalised due to sexual preference, illness, age or limited access to resources.   “Our overarching goal is to work together to make the world a place where all people have the opportunity to live healthy, full and productive lives.”

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