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TOPIA is alway looking for new ways of raising awareness on matters that can impact everyone. Here are some guidelines on what we’re looking for and how to send us pitches

Excellent storytelling has a positive influence.

Season 02

Like nature, TOPIA changes theme with the seasons. We are now officially closed for pitch submissions for Season 02: THE EGG – Cracking life’s mystery. Keep an eye on our socials for the pitching to be opened again in the New Year.

Stories can be outrageous, as long as they are:

We are looking for new and exciting evergreen angles on hot topics that everyone should know about. As we work in advance, be aware of time sensitivity v topicality.

Something deeply interesting or unexpected that’s not been widely reported on, even if it does feature giant otters or melting glaciers.

Stories must be thoughtful, raise awareness and demonstrate good impact: culturally, environmentally, socially, economically, or politically.

The more offbeat and boundary-breaking, the better. However, a good story always has a narrative backbone.

We are interested in important stories and insights from a diverse mix of worlds, from the lesser reported margins to the mainstream.

And yes, that is an acronym of TOPIA.

The TOPIA Tone

Solving the world’s problems is big, but there’s no need for us to preach, freak you out or – even worse – bore you. The TOPIA tone taps into the macrocosmic imagination by being playful and punky, straight-up and trustworthy (no greenwashing here), and challenging without fear-mongering.

Never underestimate a bit of silliness. Humour can be radical, as it means that more people can join in.

How to pitch

Note: we will not accept pitches that are not in this format. We review incoming submissions every two weeks, and do our best to respond as soon as possible. If our editor is into your submission, she will reach out and work with you to help prepare the piece for publication… TOPIA-style. Please keep in mind that our team is small, and it may take a while for us to get back to you.


Please note that we are a small, self-funded indie media just starting out, with an editorial team of one. Per-story fixed rates are dependent on word count (anything from 800 to 2,500 words), feature complexity (whether it’s a wee listicle, in-depth essay or multi-interview piece and how it fits the theme. There are also unpaid opportunities to submit short curiosities, passion projects or republish stories, plus more experimental work like flash fiction, guest posts or personal essays.

What’s so good about this?

We like having fun. Our pieces are quirky, innovative, and sometimes irreverent. But it all comes from a good place. Everything featured on TOPIA has a ‘What’s so good about this?’ box to help us think differently, quizzically. We encourage everyone to explore your mind as much as the planet, to follow your curiosity, to question the status quo, to adventure into the wilderness.

Meet the writer

Our contributors are important to us and always attributed well. The ‘Meet the writer’ box includes your photo, bio and links to your website, social media profiles and portfolio of TOPIA work. Each one of your pieces is given a TOPIA-style creative ‘treatment’ when it is pushed out across our four social channels – and featured in our highly engaged newsletter. 

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