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Where anything goes – as long as it’s good

As a values-driven creative content provider and impact network, we spark positive change by engaging creative, curious and downright perplexed minds in what’s important. Because…

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is Lewis Carroll meets Tina Fey in the canteen at National Geographic. It’s a multicoloured cabinet of curiosities, where diverse voices report from the world’s wildest edges.

The Rabbit Hole

Follow your curiosity. Like a magical mystery tour of weird and wonderful stories from our extraordinary world in metamorphosis, TOPIA is a great place to get lost.

The joy is in the mix. Although we are happy to guide you around our wild wonderland, feel free to choose your own adventure. Click the Rabbit Hole at the top and bottom of every page – as many times as you like – to be inspired by a different inspirational story each time, from the margins to the mainstream.

Go on – try it

Like nature, TOPIA changes theme with the seasons, each providing a romp through unique tales that tap into the very thrill of being alive. Season 01 kicked off in March 2022 with a Big Bang and Season 02 continues to crack life’s mysteries in The Egg. Season 03 launches Spring 2023.


The world is in rehab. Planet Earth is in mid-redesign – getting reinvented, rewilded, and regenerated from ground up. Curiouser and curiouser, we’re learning to overcome our addictions and transform it all: from what we farm, eat, and wear; to how we power our homes, travel, and run our lives.

We might be overstretched, overproduced, overwhelmed. But we’re not over tomorrow. So we are committed to making you fall in love with planet Earth. 

Animated video by TOPIA

As author Matt Haig says: “Reading makes the world better. It is how humans merge. How minds connect. Dreams. Empathy. Understanding. Escape. Reading is love in action.”

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TOPIA Magazine is a small, independent publication and prioritises editorial independence over profit. No greenwashing here. We believe in community – not clickbait.

There are no barriers, paywalls, ads or pop-ups. The online magazine is published online – free – with new content added daily, a seasonal podcast, monthly videos and fortnightly newsletter: A WORLD OF GOOD. Just sign up for an AAA pass to devour deeply interesting and inspiring stories.

An international community, publishing platform and production studio dedicated to creativity, inspiration and positive impact, TOPIA is created by Lisa Goldapple. Produced between London and Barcelona, it is made in collaboration with a sparkling array of collaborators, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Meet Team TOPIA.

What’s so good about this?

Everything featured on TOPIA has a ‘What’s so good about this?’ box to help us think differently, quizzically. We encourage everyone to explore your mind as much as the planet, to follow your curiosity, to question the status quo, to adventure into the wilderness.

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