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Welcome to TOPIA

Where anything goes – as long as it’s good

TOPIA is your guide to an extraordinary world in metamorphosis – a kaleidoscopic look at culture, positive impact, and outrageously good stories

What on Earth is TOPIA?

topia Alice in Wonderland Falling into the Rabbit Hole, raster illustr


is Lewis Carroll meets Tina Fey in the canteen at National Geographic. It’s a multicoloured cabinet of curiosities, where diverse voices report from the world’s wildest edges.


Because we might be overstretched, overproduced, overwhelmed. But we’re not over tomorrow.

So much is changing so fast, and our yearning for good has never been greater. The world is in rehab. Planet Earth is in mid-redesign – getting reinvented, rewilded, and regenerated from ground up. Curiouser and curiouser, we’re learning to overcome our addictions and transform it all: from what we farm, eat, and wear; to how we power our homes, travel, and run our lives.

This new panorama needs new media free from state control and corporate profiteering. To understand how things are done better. To realise how humanity’s creative changemakers are revamping our planet.

Our Mission

Humans love stories. So our mission is simple. We want to engage the creative and curious minds in what’s important by telling incredible stories with editorial integrity. Because…

A silly look at the serious

We like having fun. Our pieces are quirky, innovative, and sometimes irreverent. But it all comes from a good place. Everything featured on TOPIA has a WHAT’S SO GOOD ABOUT THIS? box to help us think differently, quizzically, curiously. We encourage everyone to explore your mind as much as the planet, to follow your curiosity, to question the status quo, and to adventure into the wilderness.

The Rabbit Hole

The joy is in the mix. Although we are happy to guide you around our wild wonderland, feel free to choose your own adventure, delight in our surreal mashup – and click on THE RABBIT HOLE randomiser at the top and bottom of the page as many times as you like for inspiration.

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